Milton Menasco & The Big Fiasco
Showtime: 5pm

Milton Menasco & The Big Fiasco are a Rural Rock, Reggae and Funk explosion. Known for fiery guitar playing, soulful singing, great grooves and catchy songs, Menasco and his band The Big Fiasco have a sound that is energetic, heartfelt and will leave you wanting more. Menasco has toured across the country but has a special place in his heart for his home state of Montana. As Menasco puts it, “There is something about Montana that just grabs you and doesn’t let go, the fact that we get to travel around this incredible state doing what we love…well we really are Livin’ the Dream.”
An authentic songwriter, Menasco’s songs reflect the people, experiences and accounts from his adventures and life on the road.


Great local food will be available for purchase at the brew fest.

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